Research Highlights

For a list of publications see Adi Tarca’s Google Scholar profile or MyNCBI profile

  • Organized the DREAM Preterm Birth Prediction Challenge and identified maternal blood transcriptomic signatures for pregnancy dating and assessment of the risk of spontaneous preterm birth
  • Described maternal blood proteomic and transcriptomic changes during normal pregnancy
  • Presented amniotic fluid cell-free RNA signatures to assess fetal development during normal pregnancy
  • Identified maternal blood proteomic changes that predict future onset of preeclampsia and fetal death
  • Created a customized standard for fetal weight and demonstrated improved detection of fetuses at risk of perinatal death (link to Fetal Growth online calculator)
  • Developed and assessed methods for gene set and pathway analysis with omics data in the top tier of the most frequently used Bioconductor software packages
  • Developed award-winning pipelines to build molecular classifiers from bulk and single-cell genomics data